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Title [ News ] Daekyo Group declared new CI and ‘Vision 2020’ Date 2014-05-14


On the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the company, Daekyo announced its new company CI and ‘Vision 2020’.

Executive and staffs include Chairman Kang and guests attended this ceremony and new CI and vision was declared at Daekyo Tower

The new CI embodies the way of people grow and develop through various business and service of Daekyo. Particularly, it used word mark CI rather than existing symbol CI to prepare for global management as well as to raise brand value and vision.

The main color of new CI, which is blue-gray, inspires trust and it also inserted human figures with red color to show a zest for life.

The slogan ‘spread one’s wings’ which presented together with CI, signifies bid education and it also contains a meaning of making a bright future by adding value and inspiration.

Furthermore, Daekyo presented ‘Vision 2020’ that resolves to become world best education for whole personality company. 

Chairman Kang said, “By announcing new CI and vision, Daekyo provided opportunity for all of executive and staffs to lead to global company. Base on our management philosophy, we will build the best global company that will give new value and impression in the life of our customers.

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