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Title [ News ] Daekyo participates in the one-company, one-village campaign Date 2005-11-14

Daekyo participates in the one-company, one-village campaign

Daekyo joined the one-company, one-village campaign sponsored jointly by Munhwa Ilbo, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, and Federation of Korean Industries.
Launched last year, the one-company, one-village campaign seeks to let cities enjoy good living together with agricultural villages by establishing more than 6,800 sisterhood relationships between companies and farm villages.
 “This one-company, one-village campaign is a movement that best realizes the goal of “balanced development” between cities and farm villages,” said Daekyo CEO Song Ja during the sisterhood ceremony held in Jigyeong-ri, Gangwon Province on October 7.
Located in Gangwon Province, Jigyeong-ri Village entered into a sisterhood relationship with Daekyo under the motto “one company, one village” 14 years ago. It houses Jigyeong-ri Beach, where Daekyo personnel visit during their summer leave. 
 Under the one-company, one-village sisterhood relationship formed between Daekyo and Jigyeong-ri, routine exchanges such as the joint operation of pensions, direct sale of agricultural products, or provision of helping hands as well as more upgraded exchanges will be realized in the future.  Daekyo also plans to implement exchange programs including children’s character and aptitude tests.


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