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Title [ News ] “Noonnoppi Education” brand power rated top for 7th consecutive year Date 2005-04-06

“Noonnoppi Education” brand power rated top for 7th consecutive year

The Noonnoppi education of Daekyo took top honors for the 7th consecutive year at the 2004 K-BPI (Brand Power Index of Korea Industry) sponsored by the Korea Management Association.

Since being founded under the motto of “Noonnoppi love and Noonnoppi education,” Daekyo has launched diversified educational services and built the Noonnoppi learning system. Since receiving the Brand Power Top prize in 1999, Daekyo has maintained its leadership for 7 consecutive years.

Daekyo has approximately 2,400,000 current members throughout the nation. It enjoys an unrivaled position at the top of the teaching materials market, continuously making investments and research into the educational service business. Research is developing groundbreaking improvements in the Noonnoppi teachers who are busy teaching at educational sites, on-line education, and overseas brands and markets.

Daekyo has been able to maintain continued growth because of its persistence in launching consumer-centered management strategies through ‘Noonnoppi’, the children-centered educational philosophy.

The Noonnoppi brand, the most important intangible asset of Daekyo, has now taken firm root as the representative brand of Korea teaching materials. 

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